Jing An Kerry Center

Within the dense grain of the Jing An District, the Jing An Kerry Centre fuses the neighborhood’s historic character with the creativity of modern Shanghai, and serves as a signature landmark for the city.

The multi-use complex features two towers, podium retail, a 508-key hotel, an event center and office amenities. Establishing its presence on the Nanjing Xi Lu, the development integrates itself within the rich urban context of the city and completes a “missing link” between two major office clusters. The site contains a preserved house where Mao Zedong lived in the 1920’s. The Jing An Kerry Centre’s emergence as a global destination has seen it become the first Shanghai location for a number of top-end international retailers including Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

The site plan employs an architectural language embodying the qualities of the city street experience. Open air walkways lined with shops evoke a sense of continuity with the surrounding pedestrian scale. A range of gardens echoes the signature character of the complex.

An additional level of character is created through a medley of glass, metal, and stone cladding finishes. Façade elements project above the roof lines to form dramatic sculptural crowns illuminated as lanterns in the evening sky.


Kerr Development

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Shanghai, China

Project Type:

Value Added

Loan to Value LTV%:


Annual Interest:



15 Months

$7,754,600 35% Funded
Sample Investor Returns

Sample Investment Amount   $10,000.00 
Monthly Earnings*                          $75.00
Total Earnings Objective*          $1,125.00


Issuer Fees
Acquisition Fee & Renovation Fee (% of purchase price) 1.00%
Debt Placement Fee (% of total loan proceeds ) 0.25%
Property Management Fee (% of total revenue)(1) 3.0%
Loan Amount $22,156,000
Interest Rate 9.0% (net to investors)
Term 18 months (from Nov. 30, 2017)
Reserve Amount $3,264,190
Appraised As-Is Value $31,000,000
Appraised As-Stabilized Value $36,000,000
Loan-to-Value Ratio: 69.54%
Amortization Interest-Only
Sources and Uses
Equity Invest Lending Loan $21,560,000 81.37%
Equity $4,936,560 18.63%
Total Sources $26,496,560 100.00%
Payoff of Existing Loan $2,247,941 84.84%
Interest Reserve $50,000 1.89%
TI/LC Reserve $276,419 10.43%
Other Transaction Costs $75,296 2.84%
Total Sources $2,649,656 100.00%

Kerr Investment group has $500 Million Asset Under Management, it has 5 ongoing project in south east asia.

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