Setra, LLC


London, UK

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ICO Fund

Transparent ICO Investing

Setra is the first publicly available asset management service which leverages the infrastructure and technological expertise of some of the industry’s leading blockchain analysts.
Setra is issuing a token which gives investors and speculators the ability to earn quarterly income bonuses and achieve capital gains.

This ERC20 backed token is the gateway to a managed portfolio targeting high volume and high demand crypto startups that are nearing a liquidity event.

A research driven and quantitative approach

Setra’s own independent research team wego Research, provides ongoing coverage and independent analysis of active and upcoming ICOs.

Each portion of capital deployed by Setra will be accompanied by a complete and in-depth independent research report to clearly advise all token holders of the merits behind each investment and commitment of capital.

Institutional-grade ICO research

Streamlined entry, exit and management

Dividend and performance distributions

Position updates and open-auditing

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Setra ICO Fund

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Estimate IRR:


Fund Term:

10 Years

Management Fees:


Performance Fee:


Issuer Profile:

$20,000,000 AUM

Soft/Hard Cap:



2/1/2018 - 12/31/2018

$10,000,000 100% Funded

Setra will be sending performance distribution to its token holders proportional to the amount of token they hold as of distribution date.

Distribution are subject to the following conditions:

-Distribution is sent in ETH
-50% of realized profits are distributed
-realized profits ar deemed as those asset that are listed with sufficient liquidity and aren’t subject to restrictions due to lock in period
-calculation will be done on a quarterly basis