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San Francisco, California

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Securities Token

Merchandising Made Easy for the Creators of this World

Republic App, empowers the creators of the world with the best custom creation social marketplace where one can create, sell, and buy quality products and engage with their fans.

We Make Merchandising Easy for the Creators of this World.


Millions of people want to make merchandise and won’t or can’t because current providers are too slow, clunky, or limited. 2MM artists, 604k celebrities, and tens of millions of normal people want to create and sell products, but must settle for poor quality products, or just don’t do it, which leaves their billions of consumers out of luck, with nothing.


Republic APP empowers the creators of the world with the fastest custom creation social marketplace, (patent pending technology) where one can create, sell, and buy quality products and engage with their fans – instantly.


  • 1 yr since launch, $5m Revenue
  • 1 yr since launch, 450,000 users
  • 1 yr since launch, 15m+ products created


Republic APP

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Convertible Note



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24 Months


2/1/2018 - 8/30/2018

$2,500,000 50% Funded

Where do you see Republic APP in 5 years?

We see Republic APP as being the Amazon of custom creation. We are already providing the best platform for custom creation and easy selling. We currently have artists on the platform making $10k-$70k / month in sales and making a living. Celebrities like KISS, Lisa Frank, Sublime w/ Rome, and influencers are just finding out about it now – and they are pumped! We connect the sellers to their fans unlike any custom creation platform that exists, similar to Instagram where there are followers, following, and now Super Likes! If we keep providing the best and easiest solution to merchandise, continue to engage the buyers and sellers, and give the majority of the proceeds back to the creators – like Amazon, Alibaba, etc., then Republic APP will continue to rise to the top.

Why do you need money if you’re doing so well?

When I was in Cleveland full time, in mid/late 2015, I received a call from my Stanford buddy Jesse of Neoreach. He said, “Hey Mike, I’m part of the Alchemist Accelerator and they’ve helped us raise a few million bucks, you should come be part of this program in Silicon Valley.” I said, “Jesse, I’m already making millions of bucks, why do I want to do that?”. He said – “You can build your tech faster, spend more on marketing and create higher barriers of entry, which will give you more longevity and a higher valuation.” I said – that’s a great idea! I then took my successful business, started an SF satellite office in the middle of the Twitter building, recruited A+ talent, and super charged it to grow it twice as fast and be the ultimate solution for the creators of this world.

What about brands like Nike, Disney, NFL – do you think they will be doing business with you?

Maybe they already are? We respect confidentiality and there is a time and place to announce big names. What I can say is that I can see every brand in the world wanting to take advantage of what we built. We are limitless – in technology and in scale – and everyone loves this freedom!

Do you only do vibrant, all-over-print designs?

We do everything. We have sports teams, sororities, churches, businesses, literally everyone is a user of the Republic APP platform! It’s amazing to see people’s tastes and scroll through our newsfeed and see where the human mind will go!